Monday, September 9, 2019

This Week in Post-Conciliar History!

This Week in Post-Conciliar History!

In this week’s historical look back we find an example of what could have been…….

Ultimately what ends in a failed innovation, the sign of peace Tickle Time” is kicked off at Holy Spirit Catholic Church - Omaha September 10th 1985. 

Relatively self explanatory, "tickle time" took place at and instead of the sign of peace and it was encouraged that all should take part. 

Fr. Grey
Reflecting on its short life span, its creator and Holy Spirit’s pastor - Father Stanley Grey, known to his parishioners as Father Stan or ‘Stan the Man,’ with a thin smile laments the initiative’s unsuccessful run which was limited to 3 weekends -

 “You know, I was hoping it'd take off like wild fire, but I have to respect those who expressed a negative point of view. I just wish folks wouldn’t take the “tickle” too personally. It is a great way to connect with each other, especially with the kids here.” -

He ended the chat with an observation “Human touch is most important, like the caresses of the divine, and the tickle….. well it’s the capstone of it all.”

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